What a fabulous golfing season we have been having thus far! Minus a few days where rain caused us to close the course, the rest of the time has been absolutely fabulous. The course is in the best shape that I have seen it in since I have been a member at Breezy Bend.


I write this note to you today to inform you of an ongoing problem that we have been having with our driving range. As some of you may or may not be aware, we have an ongoing problem with range balls entering our neighbours yards. This is not a new issue, but has been going on for several years. Over the years we have taken steps to mitigate this issue, such as changing the angle of the tee boxes, purchasing limited flight range balls, posting signs to warn golfers regarding the potential damage to neighbours property, etc., all of which have not solved the problem. This year we have actually had damage to one of our neighbours homes which of course we (Breezy Bend) were responsible to repair.


Many options for resolution have been discussed over the years, but none have been adequate options to provide a resolution to the issue. Legally it is the responsibility of Breezy Bend (or any golf course for that matter) to keep their golf balls within the confines of their property. It does not matter that we were here first. It can also be expected of a homeowner that when you purchase a home that backs onto a golf course, there is a reasonable expectation that occasional golf balls may enter the property. The problem arises when the number of balls becomes unreasonable. That is currently the situation that we are dealing with.


I have formed a special committee to investigate various options of rectifying the problem and future plans for the driving range will take into consideration the suggestions put forward by that committee. In the meantime though, we do have a responsibility to take action to mitigate our risk at this time.


So, effective immediately, we will only be allowing members and guests to hit irons on the driving range. The only exception to this ruling is that drivers/woods may be utilized under the presence and supervision of one of our golfing professionals.


Should you have any questions or concerns in this regard, I am more than willing to meet with you, discuss with you, or attempt to answer any questions you may have.


We are less than one week away from the most exciting weekend of the year! Breezy Bend’s popular Club Championship Weekend will take place this Saturday, July 27th and Sunday, July 28th. Flighted signup sheets are posted in the men’s and ladies locker rooms. Remember, this is a fun weekend designed for all club members to enjoy. Play golf with fellow members of like ability and handicap, many of whom you golf with regularly. As added incentive to get involved, valuable door prizes will be awarded to some lucky participants at the conclusion of play on Sunday afternoon. We encourage you to register for this fun filled weekend…you will be glad you did!


Our 4th Friday Fun Night of the season (Party on the Patio) is being held on Friday, August 2nd. Members and guests will be treated to 9 holes of fun golf with prizes, a tasty BBQ buffet and exciting live outdoor entertainment. Reservations are required. Over 100 members and guests are already signed up! To book your tee time and table on the patio, please call ‘the Bend’ @ (204) 889-GOLF today! Members – $32, Guests – $65 (includes golf). This is a progressive jackpot event! $400 is up for grabs….you must be in attendance to win!


Best of luck to Breezy Bend’s Senior Putter Team, consisting of Garth Collings, Jeff Delaney, Colin Gilmore, Brant Greer, Gord Hudson, Mike Mackay, Dewar McKinnon, Ron Minion, Mark Olson, Sandy Paterson, Court Reyda and Roy Smith, as they compete in the championship final match this Tuesday, July 23rd versus the team from Elmhurst Country Club. For those that may be interested, you are invited to watch the final match unfold at 1:00pm here at Breezy Bend. Good luck in the finals, gentlemen!


Breezy Bend’s annual Mixed Pairs Open tournament will be held on Sunday, August 11th at 1:00pm. Signup sheets are posted in both the men’s and ladies locker-room. Teams of two (1 male & 1 female) will play 6 holes of alternate shot, 6 holes of best ball and 6 holes of Texas scramble. After golf, enjoy Chef’s buffet dinner and prize ceremony. Guests are most welcome. Signup today for the most fun mixed tournament of the year!


1st place – Jim Oliver (wins $355) – $3,611,434 in player earnings
2nd place – Teddy Markham (wins $213) – $3,149,500 in player earnings
3rd Place – Tom Reimer (wins $142) – $3,146,350 in player earnings


The first two editions of Big Break Breezy Bend were held this past month with all golfers enjoying the fun, horserace style format. Craig MacEachern was this year’s winner of the 11-15 HDCP Division and Joe Russo finished atop the 16+ Division. Congratulations, gentlemen! The 0-5 and 6-10 HDCP divisions will be held in the coming weeks.

BBCC MEN’S NIGHT – 07.24.19

This Wednesday is week #11 of Men’s Night at Breezy Bend! Over $1,400 in prizes will be up for grabs! The top 3 low net in 3 equal HDCP groups will receive valuable gift certificates to the Golf Shop, as will all those recording a natural deuce. Four closest to the pin prizes will also be presented to those with the best shot on the four par 3’s. In addition, the Hole-in-One Pot is now $1,658! A special thank you to week #11 sponsor, Sun Mountain, who will be raffling off some valuable door prizes. After golf, enjoy Chef’s theme buffet dinner. If you are looking for a group to play regularly with on Wednesday nights, please contact a member of the golf shop staff at your convenience.


The playing conditions on a golf course are the result of the expert professional attention by the maintenance staff, co-operation from Mother Nature and very importantly respect and kindness from each golfer.

Here are some of the areas where you as a player can contribute to the excellent playing conditions we have here at Breezy Bend Country Club.

Ball Marks
Beginner or pro, it is a player’s responsibility as a golfer to fix his/her own ball marks. If you’re truly a steward of the game, you’ll fix yours and any others you see while playing partners are putting. Properly repaired ball marks only take half the time to heal. There’s really not much to it, but there are a few guidelines you should follow when making these repairs.

A fresh ball mark repaired by a player takes only FIVE SECONDS
A freshly repaired ball mark will completely heal in TWENTY FOUR HOURS
A fresh ball mark left unrepaired for only one hour requires FIFTEEN DAYS TIME before the ugly scar has healed

If you play golf, you create divots – it is part of the game. However, if you create divots, you should also repair them – that’s part of the etiquette of the game. Repairing your divots ensures that the golfers who follow you have the same level playing surface you had when you started your round.

A number of different methods are used to repair divots, each of them is designed to make sure that the type of grass growing around the divot fills in as quickly as possible. We ask that you simply replace your divot in the same direction that it came out and firmly tamp it down. If your divot explodes on impact please fill the hole with sand from the bottle on your cart or from the divot caddy on the tee. Brush your foot across the sand to smooth the surface.

Sand Bunkers
Some of the bunkers at Breezy Bend are steeply sloped so please be careful when entering and exiting the bunkers. Choose an easy route to enter and bring a rake with you. After completion of your shot please rake the bunker to smooth your divot and foot prints from the sand. This ensures that the golfers behind you will not have to extract a ball out of a heel mark or divot.

Golf Car Usage
The soil on the fairways at Breezy Bend is predominantly clay based and as such drainage is slower in the spring and after periods of heavy or extended rainfall. This means that golf cars may be restricted on certain days to the cart paths only or not allowed at all. The decision on limiting golf car use is not easy but must be respected to ensure the overall health and playability of the golf course over time. Golf cars can severely damage low lying wet areas on the course.

Members are reminded that the 90 degree golf car rule is permanently in effect at Breezy Bend Country Club. Members are required to keep carts on the cart path or in the rough until they are even with a golf ball in the fairway. Only then should the cart leave the path or rough, turning sharply (90 degrees) to drive straight across to the golf ball. After playing the shot, the cart should be driven directly back to the cart path or rough, and then remain there until pulling even with another ball.

Thank you for taking pride in your course! Breezy Bend Country Club is in the best condition that it has ever been in. It is currently the best conditioned course in the city! Let’s help keep it that way.

Play well and play often!



Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Be sure to stop by Breezy Bend’s Crossroads Canteen after holes 7, 11 or 15, as it is now fully stocked for the 2019 season. We are pleased to offer a number of new food and beverage products for your enjoyment while playing a round of golf. Whether it’s fresh sandwiches, wraps, salads, baked cookies, trail mix, taco in a bag, Sargent Sundae ice cream, or our famous hot dogs, there is always lots to enjoy at the Crossroads Canteen.